Rochelle Rubin graduated with a BFA from Art School in Boston (Tufts/Museum School) while cooking in Italian restaurants. She went on to live and paint on an island in Greece, in Berkeley, in the North End of Boston, and in a loft in SOHO. She currently creates in a barn in her NYC suburban backyard. Her work has been shown (in museums and galleries) and collected in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, Austin, Washington DC, the Catskills, and Cape Cod.


Working in series leads me to explore and travel to a time, a place, and to connections.

My paintings are not planned – they are intuitive and expressive with vibrant colors and shapes reminiscent and suggesting some forms of reality.

With a dedication to exploring materials and tools, I use oil paint, enamel, spray paint, acrylic, alcohol ink, oil sticks, watercolor, pastels, and resin, on canvas, wood, cardboard, aluminum, paper, plastic… on anything that can work and sometimes doesn’t work.

My goal is to create art that invites the viewer to ponder/wonder/explore and imagine. My work is filled with colors, marks, memories, and experiences to engage the viewer in a meaningful dialogue with the images.