Salon des Refusés

Curated by PE Pinkman

In 1863 the first Salon des Refusés (Exhibition of the Rejects) was held in Paris to show work that had been refused by the selection committee of the official Salon… major artists represented included Manet, Cézanne, Camille Pissarro, and Whistler. No one can argue that in the end those artists did okay, art historically speaking!

Every working artist knows the pain of being rejected from exhibitions, especially from well-respected venues. Although it is difficult to not take rejection personally, inclusion is not the only metric of merit!

This year, Art Fair 14C drew an outstanding number of applicants, forcing the fair to reject many strong submissions. In celebration of these artists, Pro Arts is pleased to present “Salon Des Refuses.”

Exhibition dates: November 6- December 1

Opening Reception: Saturday November 6, 1-4pm

Location: ART150 Gallery, 150 Bay Street Ste 265, Jersey City, NJ

Artists: Catalina Aranguren, Nanette Reynolds Beachner, Amy Becker, Jennifer Krause Chapeau, Santiago Cohen, Dorie Dahlberg, Peter Delman, Aaron Dunkel, Bennett Gewirtz, Susan Evans Grove, Laura Lou Levy, Terry Lively, Jake Miller, Jean-Paul Picard, Vince Salvati, Francisco Silva, William Stamos, Karen Starrett, Candy le Sueur, Mollie Thonneson, Agnes Wszolkowska