Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance 

Pro Arts Jersey City is a non-profit all volunteer membership based visual arts organization. Our artist membership and public programming is inclusive for all people regardless of their physical and mental abilities.

The Pro Arts gallery (ART150 Gallery) is located at 157A First Street, Jersey City, NJ (corner of Provost and First Street) and is fully wheelchair accessible.

The elevator entrance is located at the corner of First St. and Provost. There are wheelchair ramps on both of those streets.

We are conscious of people with disabilities, therefore pedestals for three-dimensional artworks are no higher than 36″ from the floor, we provide labeling that can be read easily at 18pt bold type, accompanying exhibition information is printed at 14pt type and the Pro Arts Jersey website is easily navigated by all with the use of high contrast lettering.

Large print, braille publications, assisted listening devices and ASL interpreters are available with advanced notice.

During publicly announced receptions, there will be a volunteer available to assist visitors at the door upon request. To access the locked building, ring the gallery via the intercom located to the right of the glass door. At that time you can request that one of our volunteers come help with the glass doors if necessary. 

If you have a question about one of our events and whether or not it is accessible to those with disabilities please contact us at

Requests for a copy of the Pro Arts ADA Grievance Procedure can be made at