American Disabilities Act Compliance 

Pro Arts Jersey City is a non-profit all volunteer arts organization and as such makes every effort to comply with the 1990 Americans With Disabilities Act. Pro Arts Jersey City does not discriminate against people with disabilities by making our membership and related events inclusive for our members and the general public. However, Pro Arts does not have its own gallery nor event space at this time. The organization is reliant on the accommodations provided by our host venues. Regardless of the venue, Pro Arts Jersey City volunteers are often responsible for the installation of art exhibitions and professional development opportunities. We are conscious of people with disabilities therefore we are careful about the height of artworks from the floor, we provide labeling that can be read easily, accompanying exhibition information is printed at 16pt type and the Pro Arts Jersey website is easily navigated by all. Pro Arts Jersey City will review compliance on a regular basis and update accommodations whenever necessary.

If you have a question about one of our events and whether or not it is accessible to those with disabilities please contact us at

Requests for a copy of the Pro Arts ADA Grievance Procedure can be made at