Jerseyscapes III at Hamilton Square

Curated by Kristin J. DeAngelis and Dr. Midori Yoshimoto, NJCU Gallery Director

July 15 – December 2020

Location: SILVERMAN Hamilton Square Condominiums
                 232 Pavonia Ave. Jersey City

Jerseyscapes was the idea of Curator Midori Yoshimoto, NJCU Gallery Director, whose third iteration. Jerseyscapes III will be exhibited at SILVERMAN Hamilton Square Condominiums in Jersey City. The focus of the Jerseyscapes series are scenes and landscapes characteristic of New Jersey.  

The initial selection from Jerseyscapes Revisited was curated by Midori Yoshimoto. Curator for SILVERMAN, Kristin J. DeAngelis, selected approximately 12 additional pieces to complete the new version of the theme, Jerseyscapes III. 

This is a Pro Arts New Jersey members’ only exhibition. Exhibiting artists:

Alan Walker
Allan Gorman
Beatrice Mady
Bryant Small
Caridad Kennedy
Cheryl Gross
Dierdre Kennedy
Dorie Dahlberg
E. Jan Kounitz
Eileen Ferara
Elliot Appeal
Francesca Azzara
Frank Silvia
Gannon Crutcher
Harold Olejarz
Jake Miller
Jean Paul Picard
Jennifer Krause Chapeau
Jim Fallon
Linda Streicher
Loura Van der Meule
Maryann Ficker
Megan Klim
Mike McNamara
Mollie Thonneson
Peter Delman
Robert Kosinski
Stephen Krazner
Terry Lively
Tim Daly
Trix Rosen