5 7 5 Can You Haiku?
Curated by Dorie Dahlberg and Pablo Chavarria

This year Pro Arts Jersey City will produce a new book of artists’ artwork and writings. Rather than lengthy descriptions and stories, we are looking for a haiku to accompany a piece you feel represents the art you make. The objective is to put together a beautifully designed collection of our colleagues’ artwork. We will exhibit the original works with the haikus in December.

Publication Date: Fall 2020
Exhibition Dates: TBA
Pro Arts Jersey City Gallery at Art150

As a members’ project and exhibition, submission is FREE for Pro Arts members.
Anyone who would like to participate who is not a member, must join Pro Arts by May 17, 2020.

Commission: Pro Arts does not charge commission

1. Select a work of art you feel is representative of what you do. This can be a favorite piece or one that is meaningful to you. It doesn’t have to be a new piece for the book and exhibition although you might have time to make something new!
2. Write a haiku about the piece. The form is in three lines – five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables. It can be the inspiration that propelled you to make the piece; your experience making it; why you selected this piece; where it is now; anything that relates to the specific artwork!
3. Submit a high-resolution jpg image (300)dpi no larger than 8MB total (3.5MB minimum). The file name for the artwork MUST be:
4. Attach a Word document named:
LastName_FirstName_ArtworkTitle_Haiku with the following information:
• Name, phone number, website, facebook and/or Instagram handle
• Brief bio (300 words max)
• The haiku about your piece.
• The corresponding image file name.
• The artwork description written in label form:

Submission Guidelines:

Artist Name
Medium & Dimension
Price or NFS
ex: Mickey Mouse
“Welcome to My House”
Oil on Canvas 30×40”

Medium: All media is accepted. High resolution photography for three dimensional pieces, please.

Number of images: One high resolution image as described and named above.

Submit to: Dorie Dahlberg at dorieruth@gmail.com

Subject Line: 575 Haiku –YourLastName
DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING WORK: May 24, 2020 midnight (That’s two months from now but maybe you don’t have to wait to the last minute. Just sayin’)

It is imperative that you honor the deadline. We need to get an earlier start than we did with the cookbook last year. Pablo Chiavarria will design the book for us again but he has a full time job and is doing this on his own time (and for free!) To take advantage of discount prices for multiple orders, the book needs to be ready to print in the late summer/early fall so we can pre-order books and have them for our annual holiday party.

Please email Dorie with questions and concerns.

Pablo and I are looking forward to creating another beautiful book! Dorie

PS: We shouldn’t have the same dilemma with nudity as we did last year …