Seeking to inspire community, encourage cross-disciplinary learning, and deliver an opportunity for professional artistic development, three Salon groups met monthly to critique and exchange feedback regarding their art. Each group consulted with a curator-advisor twice for further conversation about the development of their work. 

This exhibition is a culmination of work done during the 8 month process. In addition a slideshow of the work can be seen here 

Abstracted Viewpoints / Gerry Heydt, Curator

Theda Sandiford
Christine Barney
Tharanga Goonetilleke
Richard White (rest in peace, friend)

Interpreting Reality / Kathleen Karlen Donnelly, Curator

Robert Kosinski
Alpana Mittal “Tejaswini”
Christy O’Connor
Terry Lively
Yue Feng

The Commentators / Katelyn Halpern, Curator

Dorie Dahlberg
Loura van der Meule
Jennifer Becham
Judy Wukitsch
Maryann Ficker