Pro Arts Jersey City is an all volunteer non-profit 501c3 that relies on the participation of our members to develop and implement our varied programming. The camaraderie and friendships that form from collaborating with like-minded people has sustained Pro Arts over the years and built it into a recognized arts leader in New Jersey. Our member-volunteers have abundant opportunity to rise through the ranks and develop both curatorial and leadership skills, which often positions them to leverage the Pro Arts reputation in interesting and advantageous ways.

If you are interested in joining any of the following committees please contact us at

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee supports member and donor engagement, develops strategy for attracting new members, supports member events and receptions and recruits volunteers to support Pro Arts activities.  Participation in the Membership Committee accelerates your knowledge of the Pro Arts community!

Maria Ross
Alpana Mittal

Peer Reviewers
Laurie Pettine
Anne Trauben
Jim Pustorino

Marketing and Publicity Committee

The Marketing and Publicity Committee promotes Pro Arts programming through social media, press releases, website, campaigns and newsletter.  If you bring publicity or marketing skills, are a good writer, or do graphics work, consider joining our team!

Dorie Dahlberg
Bennett Gewirtz
Harold Olejarz
Paul Pinkman
Linda Streicher
Brad Terhune

Development & Fundraising Committee

The Development & Fundraising team develops Pro Arts’ base of resources, from financial supporters to programmatic partners so that Pro Arts can better serve artists as well as the general public. If you enjoy making connections across community networks, Development & Fundraising is for you!

Dorie Dahlberg
Michael Endy
Mollie Thonneson

Exhibitions Committee

The Exhibition Committee develops ideas for shows, supports curation and execution, scouts new venue relationships and nurtures existing venue relationships.  We also aim to create opportunities for sales of work. Whether you’re an experienced curator or want to learn how to curate or hang a show, we can use your help!

Dorie Dahlberg
Jake Miller
Alpana Mittal
Liz Rudnick
Brad Terhune
Kimberley Wiseman
Judy Wukitsch

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee develops educational offerings such as “Meet the Curators” portfolio review, artist salons, panel discussions and workshops to help artist be better prepared to present their work in professional settings.  Bring your knowledge and connections to bear by joining this group and brainstorming new ways to support growth and development of your Pro Arts peers!

Bryant Small
Dorie Dahlberg
Beatrice Mady
Liz N’doye
Kerry Kolenut
Cheryl Gross