Pro Arts is proud to present:

With Love from Project Greenville; a group show with heart

Curated by Elizabeth Deegan

January 7-28, 2023
Opening Reception Jan 7, 5-8pm

ART150 Gallery
150 Bay St, Jersey City
Elevator entrance on the corner of Provost and First Streets

Hours; Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4pm

And by appointment

Pro Arts invited Elizabeth Deegan of Project Greenville to create a show in our ART150 Gallery as a way of thanking her for the many years she has worked building community through the visual arts and to highlight the talents of the artists living and working in the underserved area of Greenville.  

Curators statement:

With Love from Project Greenville features artists who live, work, grew up in–or have significant ties to–the Greenville area as well as those who have been long-time supporters and participants of Project Greenville.  These artists have been contributing to art accessibility for the Greenville area for years, whether via participating with us or in their own endeavors and it’s my pleasure to try to share this opportunity with them.  

I hope in a tiny way this show can act as a small bridge between neighborhoods–the same way that I started Project Greenville with the two main goals that it would A. Give people in Greenville the opportunity to see art but it would also B. Cause people who didn’t know Greenville well to visit and explore beyond some of the more sensationalized headlines, I hope this show might help folks in Greenville come visit something that might happen to be downtown but actually has them in mind (and heart) and welcomes them–as a key part of the participants and audience–to come and explore an area they may feel detached from that’s every bit a part of their city and theirs to enjoy too.

Participating artists;

Adrianna Alty
Artistic Afro ( @artisticafro )
Chris Capaci ( @capacityimages )
Christine ( @christinewasawesome )
Max Delgado ( @maxdelgado )
Donchellee Fulwood ( @donchelleeart )
Danielle Haskins ( @danielleh1219 )
Jin Jung ( @constructed_ephemera )
Jim Legge
Serge Limontas II ( @sergelimontas )
Margeaux Lucas ( @margeauxlucas )
Maria Lupianez ( @marilu.francis )
Patricia Olsen
Richard Roberts ( @17richroberts )
Elizabeth Rovetto ( @elhis_designs )
Lucy Rovetto ( @lucyrovetto )
Theda Sandiford ( @misstheda )
Bethe Schwartz
Ray Schwartz ( @schwartzrays )
Athena Toledo ( @flora.athens )
With performances by Gary Van Miert ( @sensationalcountryblueswonders ) Jan 7th, Tara Stafford Ocansey ( @taragruvz ) Jan 14th and Moises ( @moisessions ) Jan 21st!