afloat, Pro Arts’ first online exhibition.

Curated by Kerry Kolenut
May 9th – August 31, 2020

afloat can now be experienced as a physical show!

Location: Rotunda Gallery, Jersey City Hall
280 Grove St. 3rd Floor, Jersey City, NJ
Hours: 9:30am – 5pm, M-F

Also for viewing, pricing,and purchases, afloat can be seen on


The start of this new decade, has plunged us into what once seemed unimaginable, forever changing the way we think about ourselves, the world and how we occupy it. We have been forced to think, act and interact in new and different ways. For this exhibition Pro Arts members were asked to find some creativity and ideas that reflect upon these times, find ways to examine the impact on the world, country, environment, people, and ourselves.

All work was made in 2020.

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Enjoy a slideshow set to music on YouTube.