My paintings and drawings represent different elements of a city life through the eyes of a civilian. The feelings that are targeted in my art are nostalgia, conflict, anger, and compassion. Making my viewers feel the illusion of going through their childhood or a memorable part of their life through my art. I hope to activate these feelings for my viewers by making my art direct, raw, and unfiltered. Highlighting the good, bad, and ugly we all experience in our lifetime. I gained my inspiration from graffiti culture. In my opinion, graffiti culture does not get enough respect for their work and unique style of art. I make what I like and what I feel like people need to see. Shining the light on things people like to cover up or simply not pay attention to. That’s where my art comes in to point that light in the direction that people are not really used to.

Edwin Rivera is a Puerto Rican artist born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. He attended University Academy Charter High School and later on graduated to attend New Jersey City University. He is a self taught artist who honors and values his work. Back in 2019 he attended a summer art program with NYU who helped him craft his art and become confident in his body of work. He now takes art classes at NJCU just to soak in some history of art and help perfect his craft. But before all this he always loved to draw since a child. Instead of playing with toys he would ask for a crayon and paper just to draw whatever he is feeling at the moment. His favorite thing to draw was his favorite artist Keith Haring’s painting called “Three Eyed Face.” Since he was a child Keith Haring has always been a big inspiration for him. But the one person who he can say actually changed his way of life towards art is his Uncle Jesus. He was the first person to give him a blank canvas and put a paintbrush in his hand. Edwin grew up around a lot of artists in his family such as his grandma, two cousins, mother, and his uncle. Edwin’s art has been evolving over the years. Testing different styles of art just to see what fits him best. But he came to the conclusion that art is art. Whatever you decide to make, just make it in the way you agree with and what represents you the best.

Instagram: @edwinthagod