Then and Now

Curated by Paul Pinkman

The concept of “Then and Now” refers to comparing and contrasting an artist’s work from their early beginnings to their most recent creations. It highlights an artist’s journey, showcasing their growth and development in terms of style, technique, and creative vision. This concept provides a unique insight into an artist’s creative process, showcasing their evolution over time and the influences and experiences that have shaped their work. By presenting both the “then” and the “now” pieces side by side, audiences can see an artist’s progression and growth, making for a fascinating and insightful exhibition. This exhibit serves as a celebration of an artist’s journey and provides a platform for artists to share their story through their art.

April 11-May 20, 2023

Opening Reception: April 23, 2:00- 4:00PM

Watchung Arts Center
16 Sterling Road
Watchung, NJ

Participating Artists

Alpana Mittal (Tejaswini), Ann Vollum, Beatrice M. Mady, Bigbongo (Adrian Menichelli), Brad Terhune, Brian Hallas, Brian McCormack, Dorie Dahlberg, Francesca Azzara, Francisco Silva, Jean-Paul Picard, Jim Fischer, Joan Sonnenfeld, Josephine Barreiro, J. Steven Patton, Laura Lou Levy, Linda Streicher, Loura van der Meule, Maria Estrela, Nanette Reynolds Beachner, Robert Kosinski, Santiago Cohen, & Stella Chang