Resilient 2

Curated by Ivy Brown; Ivy Brown Gallery, NYC

By nature we are resilient beings; we are buoyant, elastic, and irrepressible. We all have scars, seen or unseen. What we do with them is what sets us apart. Artists have an outlet from which they benefit. Some artists will take you on their journeys of trials and tribulations, while others will escape entirely with no reference to their paths.  All the scars and the resilience are there in many forms. We invite artists to take us on their journeys and show us their resilient natures via their visual voices.

Participating Artists

Aliza Augustine, Robert Lach, Agnieszka Wszolkowska, Amy Becker, Kerrie Bellisario, Stacy Bogdonoff, Robert Cadena, Peter Delman, Isabelle Duverger, Terri Fraser, Cheryl Gross, Valerie Huhn, Preksha Kapadia, Neal Korn, Kruti Kothari, Cecilia Martinez, Patrick McCoy, Andrea McKenna, Megan Klim, Tarik Mendes, Alpana Mittal, Josué Morales Urbina, Deborah L. Morris, Frank Augustine, Christy O’Connor, The Vagilante, Laurie Pettine, Jean-Paul Picard, Teague Smith, Joan Sonnenfeld, Josh Urso, Ann Vollum, Jim Fallon

About the curator

Ivy Brown founded the Ivy Brown Gallery in 2001 as a result of 9/11 and her commitment to opening doors in her community. The Gallery represents and exhibits contemporary art of all mediums. Dedicated to supporting emerging and established artists, Ivy Brown takes her experience from the commercial arts world and brings it to the fine arts arena. The gallery also curates exhibitions throughout New York City. Ivy’s commitment to art and the critical part it plays in our humanity is the grounding force behind the gallery.

Exhibition dates: June 3 – 25, 2022


ART150 Gallery

150 Bay Street, Jersey City, NJ

Gallery hours:

Saturdays and Sundays 1-4pm