Pro Arts is proud of our SHIM Art Network partnership which makes it possible for our members to join the highly esteemed international online platform

Please enjoy our current and past shows on Artsy here:

Through this partnership Pro Arts members can avoid the astronomical fees and intense vetting process is known for and instead enjoy vet free inclusion at a very low cost. 

This is how it works:

This offer is for Pro Arts members only. The annual Pro Arts membership fee is $50

There is an annual inclusion fee of $100 to be paid to SHIM Art Network

As a member you will have an image page of your own on Artsy. You will be allowed to upload five images per trimester for a total of fifteen images per year.

In addition your work will be included in one Pro Arts exhibition on Artsy per trimester. Your work MAY be included in other online exhibits organized by SHIM or their other partners.

Artists can enroll any time, however the creation of pages for new members and image updates for existing members will only happen during the Trimester schedule of January, May, and September. Pro Arts will send out notifications and reminders during the months prior to the upcoming trimester.