Seeking to inspire community, encourage cross-disciplinary learning, and deliver an opportunity for professional artistic development, Salon groups met monthly to discuss work, provide feedback and choose the path of their group. They may develop a common theme, work collaboratively, or simply critique new work.

Consulting with a Curator-Advisor twice throughout the collaboration period provided an opportunity to engage in conversation about the development of their work. At the end of the 8 month process, there’s usually group exhibition with all the Salons groups included. This year, we premiered a video of work at JCAST, and for at least the time being, here at the website.

 For Pro Arts Salons 2020 we continued the successes from the 2019 Salons, while broadening the scope of several groups. Once again, this year’s participants selected a genre-thematic Salon group to join. Each Salon group was multidisciplinary with the hope that input from others with a different approach to art making would be beneficial and inspiring for everyone. Blending the different disciplines inspired individuals to try new media, and Curator-Advisors could better focus on genre rather than their own media based specialties.

Abstracted Viewpoints / Gerry Heydt, Curator

Theda Sandiford
Christine Barney
Tharanga Goonetilleke
Richard White (rest in peace, friend)

Interpreting Reality / Kathleen Karlen Donnelly, Curator

Robert Kosinski
Alpana Mittal “Tejaswini”
Christy O’Connor
Terry Lively
Yue Feng

The Commentators / Katelyn Halpern, Curator

Dorie Dahlberg
Loura van der Meule
Jennifer Becham
Judy Wukitsch
Maryann Ficker