Tom Minty is a British-born, New Jersey-based photographer who likes to capture candid moments on the street and in communities. In 2020, Tom began to take his photography seriously after he discovered the genre of street photography, and while equally happy using the camera to capture experiences involving travel, landscape, automobiles, and family, his true passion is the street.

He draws influence and inspiration from such artists as Joel Meyerowitz, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Roy DeCarava, and Saul Leiter. Their unique, groundbreaking styles embody what Tom believes to be the essence of street photography. Capturing the real, authentic, unstaged moments that show the essence of what being human is.

For Tom, photography is not only a tool that he uses to express his view of the world and its inhabitants but also a form of therapy. It has helped Tom see the world in a more positive light and has enabled him to make connections with people, even if for only 1/250th of a second. Tom believes that photography provides a level of intimacy between the photographer and the subject that helps shrink cultural, racial, and socioeconomic divides. In a world where the individual can feel more isolated than ever, photography can help unite people.


I’m often drawn to moments of isolation. Maybe it’s how light frames a subject, or how a person appears to be unaware of their surroundings, or how a space once filled with activity can suddenly appear so open and empty. I’m drawn to subjects that I find in moments of deliberate solitude.

I shoot almost exclusively in black and white because I often find color distracting and overstimulating. I find serenity in monochrome images. In a way, I am photographing a moment that I would like to be found in, a moment of quiet contemplation while the constant hum of “life” goes on around me.

It is this feeling of solitude that I have when I’m on the street making pictures. When I lift the camera to my eye it’s like everything goes silent and I’m able to stop time ever so briefly. For me, photography is a process in which I’m able to peacefully engage and document my curiosity of my fellow citizens and how they interact with each other and the world around them.