Kim Bricker is a contemporary printmaking artist currently living in Jersey City, NJ. She received a BA in Fine Arts with a concentration in 2D Media from Carnegie Mellon University in 2002 and an MA in Museum Studies from George Washington University in 2004. She has worked in furniture design, graphic design, and even jewelry design, always seeking out opportunities to be creative. Travel to the American Southwest, Colorado, the Nevada desert, Wyoming, and Montana is her current muse, and she finds herself drawing, painting, and printmaking with a renewed interest in landscapes and representing the story of a place in a contemporary way. She currently creates at a studio she shares with her husband at 150 Bay Street in downtown Jersey City.


My focus is a contemporary portrayal of the landscape, using layered printmaking techniques to explore the color, light, and form that characterize specific places. I draw inspiration from personal travels, photographs, and the “Imagined Landscapes” I conjure in my own mind, created from my personal interpretation of what makes places unique. I don’t shy away from celebrating the beauty of the landscape, exploring its rugged nature, or gazing a voyeuristic eye on iconic landscapes such as those found in the American National Parks. I believe landscapes tell complex stories to any who are patient enough to listen.