Encyclopedic museum collections include works made of textile, basketry, or other utilitarian objects. These pieces are examples of the highest mastery of their practices. However, they are often labeled as craft or folk art rather than masterpieces within the “canon” of art history. Many of these collections derive from communities of color, women, or self-taught artists. While many white, male, educated artists have been given the privilege to work in avant-garde mediums and techniques.

Painted Stitches (2017-present), features portraits, often highlighting and pay homage to prominent contemporary women of color who are making dynamic socio-political shifts. Many working in raw muslin and cotton embroidery floss, while others utilize primed canvas circles. Employing a painterly eye and hand, rather than utilizing traditional embroidery techniques for the stitch work. I’ve created blocks of color through freehand, with many layers to give the impression of the subject. This series will act as an effort to contribute to ongoing historical revisionism.