Title of project: Community Version of TAGtheArtGame

Project Summary:
In TAG players work together to create a piece of abstract art. The game is played with a color wheel, cards, dice and art supplies. The structure of the game limits the player’s choices in a way that almost always guarantees the results will be beautiful. The Community Version will be played on a large scale by audience members passing through a public event. Audience members will have the choice of playing as long or as little as they want.
Note: I am the inventor and owner of TAG
How will you use the grant towards your project (about $500-$1000?):
?):  The grant will be used to purchase art supplies: canvases, brushes, paint, glue, paper, and oil pastels
How will this project manifest itself in the 2013 Studio Tour (encouraged) and at the next Art Eat Up?
? I would love the opportunity to facilitate the Community Version of TAGtheArtGame during the 2013 Studio Tour and the next ArtEat-Up. I am also open to participate in other venues as they arise.
Why is this project critical?
TAG helps bridge the gap between viewer and artist. It is a positive way for the general public to actively participate in the arts and as a result, feel a stronger connection to the arts community.