Loura van der Meule, a native of the Netherlands, came to New York in the 1980s after receiving a travel grant from the Dutch Ministry of Cultural Affairs. She lives and works in Jersey City, New Jersey.

She started her art education in the Netherlands at the School for Design and Decor ‘NIMETO’ in Utrecht and graduated in 1980 from the Academy of the Visual Arts ‘Sint Joost’ in Breda, the Netherlands.
In New York she studied at Pratt Graphic Center and Greenwich Pottery House.

Lines, patterns and textures are reoccurring themes in her work and she prefers to work with oil pastel and acrylic on paper and lately she uses oil paint on canvas.

Van der Meule finds inspiration in various traditions of the culture of Zeeland, a province in the Netherlands where she grew up.
The series of women in traditional costumes is an homage to a lost tradition which was still in existence a half century ago.
Loura’s work has been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions in galleries and museums in the Netherlands and the United States.

Phone: 201-906-2847