For many years, Loura van der Meule has worked and lived in Jersey City, New Jersey. She started her art education in the Netherlands.

She received a bachelor’s degree in sculpture from the Academy of the Visual Arts” Sint Joost” in Breda and the School for design and Decor “NIMETO” in Utrecht.

Loura exhibits her work in galleries and museums in the Tri-state area and the Netherlands.

Museums and private collectors in the United States and the Netherlands have collected her work.


My recent work finds its inspiration in the architecture of industrial buildings in the urban landscape.

For many years, I had a studio in an old warehouse district and noticed the neighborhood’s rapid development. As new glass towers replaced the old buildings, my appreciation for the industrial architecture of the past grew stronger.

The architectural details, like the patterns of the brickwork, rusted doors, and old textured walls, became focal points in my work.

Patterns and textures have always been themes in my work, and they continue in my new oil pastel drawings.

Phone: 201-906-2847