Jen Morris is an artist who has lived and worked in Hudson County, NJ for the past 30 years. A painter and art director – her interests collide in
the work. Textiles, organic materials, graphic patterns, spiritual symbols, flowers, birds, and chairs come together to reveal tales of a parallel
world. They exist instead of journal pages. They reside in a place between words and dreams. They are visual poems; long stories and
fleeting moments. Inspired by flickering light on water, a blurred memory, a parting with a dear friend, twilight, a spec of a bird in the sky, candles
in a dark church, the search for love and freedom.

I love materials that have had a life before they make it into the paintings; beloved blouses, rock show wristbands, tree bark, pillow
cases, curtains, an ice cream sign, pieces of older paintings. I like their graphic quality and how they bring a history to the surface of the canvas.
My painted images interact with those materials to reveal everyday poems. The poems are maps to find our way to a richer experience of
this world. They help me feel more alive. Through the paintings I try to cultivate a spiritual life that’s tangible; to honor all the love and loss
we’ve experienced in a way that manifests its ongoing magic. We are more than drones in front of computers. We are all the stars all the time.
I paint to remember that, and with the hope that others might feel it too.