Jason Sagat studied photography and digital art at The State University of New York at Oneonta and continued his education at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Jason always enjoyed photography because a single photo can tell a whole story, and there are no two that are the same. This allows him to see the nuanced beauty the world has to offer. Living in an urban suburb, Jason draws inspiration from many abstract artists to find the juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity in what we see in our daily lives. He uses his array of photography to create unique pieces that encapsulate the energy of the world with vivid colors, textures, and imagery that keep your eye moving and discovering what lies within. Often, his work elicits a sense of abstract familiarity.


I fell in love with photography in high school. Looking at and capturing photographs always made me feel present by needing to capture the perfect framing and focus, or processing what another’s photograph is telling or showing.

Today, I’ve noticed this feeling even more and is a major purpose in my practice. Being fully present and in creative flow is the most enjoyable space I can be in. Now that I have started using the photographs creating my pieces, I also get to think about how I can use certain shots together, even of the most basic things— like the ground, a wall, tree bark, etc. I can then manipulate the images together. This process, I believe, captures the energy, vibrancy, and beauty of our world and turns a world unnoticed and unappreciated into the opposite. Macro photography always very much intrigued me because I can get so close to something that it is almost hard to recognize what it is— it turns the subject into something else. When realizing what it is, is when the juxtaposition of things begins, and that’s the place I try to live with the work I create. The abstract familiarity—detail and ambiguity, for me, is super engaging and allows room for observers to each see something different, both in the layers of the actual work, and the overall piece.

My work is done digitally and is available via canvas prints in which can be multiples, or commissioned pieces just for you.