Shiva was born in Persia and graduated with a degree in Agricultural Engineering from Shiraz University. She was greatly influenced by her father, Mehdi Jlayer, who was a famous painter, sculptor, and poet of Shiraz. At an early age, she watched her father paint and was inspired to pursue and find her own artistic path.

After graduating, in 2011, Shiva continued by taking classes with multiple artists. After moving to the United States in 2014, Shiva enrolled in the New York Academy of Art program and had the honor of working with some of her favorite artists.

Her portraits reveal emotions that evoke the human condition underneath the surface. Shiva has a unique style of capturing vulnerabilities through textural representations and forms. Shiva has won many awards for her paintings and has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Her works can be found in public and private collections including the Seavest collection.


Shortly after my immigration to the United States, I experienced a series of devastating losses. As I grieved my world became devoid of color. Darkness, light, and the shades of gray in between became my palette.

Gazing at my portraits and having conversations with them through each stroke, I’m able to brush away the past and free the future. Giving the girls in my paintings the power and courage to emotionally express themselves is meditative to my soul and helps me heal one day at a time.