Shiva was born in Persia and graduated with a degree in Agricultural engineering from Shiraz University. She was greatly influenced by her father, Mehdi Jlayer, who was a famous painter, sculptor and poet of Shiraz. At an early age she watched her father paint and was inspired to pursue and find her own artistic path. After graduating, in 2011, Shiva continued by taking classes with multiple artists. After moving to United States in 2014, Shiva enrolled at New York Academy of Art program and had the honor of working with some of her favorite artists. Shiva’s portraits echo the silent of resilience of countless women, including herself. Her canvases breathe life into tales untold, capturing the strength, vulnerability and indomitable spirit of those who navigate a world filled with challenges. Ms. Jlayer has won many awards for her paintings including Connecticut Society of Portrait Artist and Westchester County Federation of Women’s Club. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Her works can be found in public and private collections, including the Seavest collection. She is a member of Alumni Association of the New York Academy of Art.


In the portraits I paint, I unravel the narrative of Iranian womanhood with hues that define the darkness of oppression. As an artist who has grappled with societal constraints, my brush becomes a conduit for the voices silenced but not extinguished. Through the visages of young women, I capture the resilience and dreams that persist in the face of adversity. Each stroke is a rebellion, an assertion of individuality in a tapestry of collective struggle. In the gaze of my subjects, I aim to reflect the untold stories of countless women, offering a glimpse into the strength and beauty that blooms even in the harshest terrain. My art is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the oppressed, a celebration of identity, and a challenge to the veils that seek to shroud our voices.