Artist, chemist, vegan, traveler. I live in Hoboken, New Jersey – just across the river from Manhattan. My current work focuses on current events and women’s
empowerment — as a woman living in the United States, reacting to politics and commercialism, and questioning current societal issues, especially those affecting
women’s rights.

The majority of my art includes portraits and experimenting with acrylic, charcoal, and artist-grade spray-paint.

In 2020 I being experimenting with collage techniques, reaching to current magazines, newspapers and my own photography to discover new effects that
combine fine art techniques with urban references.

Artist Bio
Chemist, artist, vegan, traveler. Andrea Kroenig grew up in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania and attended Albright College in nearby Reading to study Chemistry. It wasn’t until her senior year that
she took an acrylic painting class and was hooked. After moving to Texas, finishing a Master’s degree in Chemistry at Texas A&M University then relocating to Indiana and Colorado, Kroenig
re-considered her career path and returned to the East Coast to follow her teenage dream in Cosmetic Chemistry and art interest. She started painting classes in Montclair, New Jersey while
living in nearby Bloomfield and within a few years moved directly across the street from the Montclair Art Museum. “I was involved in color 24/7, from my day job at Mehron creating
Halloween and special effects face-paint and later at Revlon formulating eyeshadow and foundation makeup. Evenings I’d be at the art museum or up late painting at the easel in my living
Andrea moved to Hoboken in 2009 and eventually set up her art studio at Monroe Center. She’s been involved with group shows in Hoboken, Jersey City and Manhattan.