Title of project: The Butterflycycle (working title)

Project Summary:
Utilizing found and salvaged objects and materials, i will fabricate a large, kinetically interactive butterfly sculpture (~10-20ft wingspan), elevate it on a stand, and design a mechanism to power the animation (flapping) of its wings by pedaling either a stationary bicycle or using the rider’s own bicycle (to be determined). Ideally, this would be installed in various public spaces, i.e. Grove St. PATH, JC parks, etc.There will be a related poem of my creation in front of the rider to read. Additionally, i will post information about butterflies and their relationship to the environment and factors like pollution in an aim to get people more aware of what they can do to help our local and global ecosystem, but also to promote the importance of physical activity and healthy eating, especially for youth. potentially this could coincide with a screening of “Dreams of the Last Butterflies” (http://thousandnames.com/production/dreams-of-the-last-butterflies/)
How will you use the grant towards your project (about $500-$1000?):

  • this would go towards any tools needed to create the project, as well as possible extra materials like fasteners and epoxy. anything left over would go towards transportation costs of the sculpture and parts.

How will this project manifest itself in the 2013 Studio Tour (encouraged) and at the next Art Eat Up?
this could function as an installation in a large room, however, i cannot guarantee that it would be completed in time for the 2013 studio tour.