Title of project: Gate Murals

Project Summary:
In the Riverview Neighborhood of Jersey City Heights, especially along Palisade Avenue, the security gates of many businesses have become marked with graffiti tags. The tags on area gates not only look bad, but in places where they’re not removed or painted over immediately, the building walls near these gates, and sometimes even the sides of houses quickly also become painted with tags or slogans such as “Crack” or “Herb”. These areas often become crime “Hot Spots”
Residents and business owners alike want our neighborhood to feel safer, more welcoming. The Riverview Neighborhood Association has, through its board and Clean Up Committee, organized ways to fight crime starting with small things like garbage and graffiti. We have noticed that in other areas where security gates have been painted by artists, the artwork usually remains untagged. As a community of artists, we are eager to use this approach toward fighting vandalism and empowering our young local talent.
So far, five local owner-operated businesses have asked us to help them replace their graffiti with murals. We have three NJ artists ready to work, but we are looking for money for Rustoleum paint, brushes, rollers and a small stipend for the artists involved. Ideally, after completing these first three pieces we would have examples to use for further fundraising, outreach and communication about the next batch of Gate Murals which would cover the focus on the younger artists in our area (high school and college age).
How will you use the grant towards your project (about $500-$1000?):

  • -PAINT minimum 2 gallons per mural at $35 per gallon, 3 murals = $210- $320
  • MATERIALS brushes, rollers, tape, drop cloths, pans, solvents, gloves, masks  = $70
  • $35.00 per square foot 
  • -STIPEND $75- $150 per artist   $225- $450     When hiring artists to paint murals, $35/square foot is an appropriate price which includes materials. Because this is a pilot, we’re using generous volunteers, and paying for their supplies, we are in this instance, only offering a stipend

Total $505-$840
How will this project manifest itself in the 2013 Studio Tour (encouraged) and at the next Art Eat Up?
This would be public art available for anyone to see after business hours and would be found on the Public Art section of the 2013 Studio Tour map.  We would love to help match future Art Eat Up applicants with mural locations in the future.
Why is this project critical?
Security Gate Murals are not only essential to our community crime-fighting strategy, they work to highlight and empower the bright, young, talented next generation of Jersey City Artists.