Artist Bio

Robyn Prezioso is a native of New Jersey and grew up in Hudson County across the river from Manhattan. She has been deeply influenced by the figure and abstract art that has come from the Bay Area Figurative Movement and Abstract Expressionists.
Robyn received her MFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2005, after getting her BFA in studio art from Kean University in 1997. Robyn uniquely combines mixed media with images of the figure, the landscape, and exploring images in the abstract. She paints thick impastos, scratches, applies lettering, collages, and draws on her surfaces to create a worked picture plain with a process.
Robyn has been featured in Design New England Magazine, and the cover of Inner Realm Magazine twice. Along with keeping a regular studio practice she teaches studio art at Regis High School in NYC.


Artist Statement

My works follows a long tradition of drawing and painting. For me both of these mediums are about the impulse of mark making. It is a visual journal of the mind, the body and the human spirit. It’s about the need to both create and show process. I think it is out of pure need emotionally, mentally and physically that I am compelled to continue to draw and paint.
The content of my work varies between figurative, landscape, and abstract. Much of my artwork could be called ambiguous to place, or person. The work is about suggesting, not illustrating. Perhaps moments of time; but not portraits of specific people or places. Each piece usually begins with an inspiration from a photograph or a live model. I am usually drawn by color relationships and mark making. Heavy paint, images, textures, and colors often appear, and then revised, altered, scraped, and at times accepted. The works are improvisational search of the imagery that I want to convey to the viewer. They are a response to physicality of making art, the love of the materials, an appreciation of process, and to the seduction of surface.
In the end the works are about a search, a search for my truth of creative process through the act of drawing and painting.

Instagram: robynprezart