I am a northern New Jersey-based artist and educator and have been making collages and paintings since childhood. Forever seeking out new materials to work with leads to changes in style and subject. Often I am looking to create a weird, surreal world, and have been influenced by early twentieth century art movements that embraced and explored collage, while continuing to explore this vibrant medium in the contemporary arena. Sometimes, elements of printmaking and other disciplines are partnered with these materials.

On the other hand, politics and social justice seem to be dominant subject matter recently, and the message can be subtle or overt. For those works, I will also seek out specific objects, textures, etc. to say what I need to say. As these two directions of working continue side by side, I find myself more and more in love with a medium that has lasted a lifetime.

In my painting, the exploration of abstraction is a dialog that forces me to consider how and why the image develops. My concern lies with the surface of the painting, without the illusion of space beyond these two dimensions. Therefore, these paintings are ‘about’ exactly what you see.

Exhibiting regularly throughout the NY/NJ area, my work is in collections in Japan, England, France, and throughout the United States.