Alley Arts Offering Apprenticeship-Style Classes in Arts, Gardening
By Summer Dawn Hortillosa • Aug 9th, 2013
Kids (and adults) can learn a variety of skills from filmmaking to gardening at new Downtown Jersey City arts education program Alley Arts.
Husband and wife Charlie Steiner and Leona Strassberg-Steiner started running the program out of their studios in the alleyway between Coles and Monmouth and between Third and Fourth streets earlier this year.
“We’ve always been teachers. I taught dance for many years and my husband taught video and TV production in high school, this is is a natural development,” says Strassberg-Steiner. “(It was challenging) getting this off the ground because it’s just me and my husband. It took me a whole summer just to move things out, repaint it and get it ready, but when it was, it was really reward to see. read more:
“Our goal for the fall is to not have more than six students in each class so each student gets the full attention they deserve in order for us to totally carry them to create what their vision is.”
Classes start Sept. 9. For more information, visit the Alley Arts website.