Francesca Azzara

Over 14 years ago I started working in wax.   Initially, unaware of encaustic as a medium, I worked in paraffin.  Paraffin is a brittle wax that does not easily lend itself to artistic expression.  My early work was a struggle to find ways to incorporate the wax with the imagery.

I soon discovered encaustic, a medium that combines beeswax with pigment and demar resin.   While infinitely easier to paint with, it is a medium that is difficult to master.  The task of manipulating the wax and its fragility, offers constant challenges.  By its very nature one must relinquish a certain amount of control as wax has a mind of its own.  While I guide it…it guides me. There is something meditative about working with encaustic wax…the mixing, painting, pouring, fusing and scraping.

The process becomes mesmerizing and can direct both the artist and the viewer away from the content and into the process.  Therefore, I seek to guide the viewer to the intent and meaning that each piece expresses before focusing on the process.

I exhibit through out the tri-state area,  teach  private and group workshops and offer lectures & demos to art groups through out the tri-state area.

  • azzara-francesca-01-genesis
  • azzara-francesca-02-impetus
  • dancing-with-the-moon_encaustic-and-mixed-media_15x15_francesca-azzara
  • the-unseen-encaustic-and-mixed-media-on-canvas-12-x-12
  • dancing-with-the-sun_encaustic-and-mixed-media_15x15_francesca-azzara
  • falling_encaustic-on-panel_10x10_francesca-azzara