Photography has been a part of my life since childhood.  Vacation pictures while wondering whether we need more people with the Statue of Liberty sticking out of their heads, junior high school where photos were mostly added to newspaper articles, and college where studying photography with Minor White at MIT transformed my planned math or physics major into a BS in Art and Design.  After graduation, I worked and did political and union organizing.  This all pushed photography a bit to the side, but I always kept my eyes open and paid attention to what I saw.  Now and for the past several years, I have brought making photographs back to being where I spend much of my time and energy.

The photographs shown here were captured during the last several years.  In making them, I sought things we barely notice every day:  the interesting, beautiful, or perplexing along with our senses of self and emotions, and of nature and people and the things we create.  I like to show the inner essence of what is around us, which too often just does not register when we cruise along consumed by yesterday’s work disaster, what to make for dinner, or anything but what’s in front of us.  I keep finding more about myself.  Just as remembering things from our past is really a process of recreating and surfacing memories inside our brains, I believe that viewing a photograph can offer an opportunity to discover as much about what we bring to the engagement as what was on the other side of the camera and in the photographer’s mind.

“Abstracts” that provoke “What Is It?” can offer opportunities to look more deeply, beyond the paper and ink, and at ourselves.  Other more “obvious” photographs, a building, a person or animal, a mountain, or a tree offer the same chance to look, ponder, discover…

For more information about my photographs or me, please check out my website and feel free to contact me.  I may change the photographs here occasionally.  If you come back and cannot find something that was here, let me know; they will all still exist.