To me, art is the experience of being in the present moment, a moment in which many people often find themselves lost. Such moments take me beyond my studio, whether it’s 200 or 2000 miles away from home. This distance brings me closer to myself and my art, transporting me beyond the two-dimensional world of paper and media, where my creative mind soars high and touches on unexplored ideas. My artworks primarily focus on the cultural misunderstandings that often surface in society. They mirror the conscious and subconscious thought processes within a civilized mind, articulated through the language of metaphors, innuendos, parables, or proverbs. The lifestyle and travel experiences I’ve gained during my time in art residencies across diverse countries, along with the cultural immersion within different languages and traditions, have enriched my comprehension of these societal misunderstandings. These varied experiences have helped me to live a fuller life and to create more profound art.

Originally from Tehran and now residing in New York, the artist’s journey has been a continuous
exploration of cultural dualities. With an educational background from Iran and Malaysia in Visual
Communication and an MBA, they have developed a deep appreciation for the interplay of different
cultures in art.

Their work, primarily in ceramics and painting, strives to depict the strength and perseverance
inherent in people. The artist is drawn to the expressive potential of clay, using its malleability to
symbolize adaptability, and vibrant colors in their paintings to convey the depth of human struggle.
Their art is a reflection of their personal transition from the limitations experienced in Tehran to the
diverse and expansive world discovered through travels, informing their creative perspective.
While their artworks have received some international recognition, they consider them a modest
contribution to the global art scene. They have been exhibited at venues such as the Aaran Gallery
in Iran and Organhaus Gallery in China.

Since relocating to New York City, the artist has engaged more deeply with the art community.
Receiving the Diaspora Arts Connection’s Artist Support Fund in 2023 and serving as a judge at the
7th Annual Persian Art Exhibition in Texas in 2022 were humbling experiences. Through
participating in events like NFT.NYC2023 and a residency at SVA Art Residency, mentored by
professionals including Shannon Lauren, they have continued their artistic journey. Their work,
which includes painting, sculpture, and interactive dialogue, aims to bring a unique Iranian
perspective to the diverse landscape of American art.