Artist Statement

During my elementary school days, Field Day was an oasis of joy, a reprieve from the confines of classroom walls and structured lessons. Painting evokes that same sense of liberation within me—I am unshackled, free to explore and create. My ultimate aim is to impart this same sense of freedom to my audience. It’s this very freedom that has steered me towards surrealism. I strive to craft a visual lexicon, a tapestry of recurring symbols that speak to who I am and what I wish to convey to the world. Through my art, I embark on a journey of self-discovery and expression, inviting others to join me in this exploration of boundless possibility.


Paul Federico (b. 1962. USA)

Paul’s latest artistic endeavor delves deep into the realm of the subconscious, where he mines hidden narratives from the depths of dreams and the recesses of his mind’s eye. “I aim to weave tales,” he says. In his most recent surrealist compositions, viewers are treated to a tapestry of anthropomorphic and zoomorphic imagery.

His approach to art is both humanistic in subject matter and technique. Each piece bears witness to the artist’s process, showcasing underlying paintings, sketch marks, brush strokes, and surface scratches. Layers of washes over sketches and meticulously sanded surfaces give rise to images that exude authenticity. “I want viewers to witness the journey,” Paul emphasizes.

Paul’s journey as an artist began at the age of nine, under the tutelage of William DeVieg, a restoration painter based in Tinton Falls, NJ. There, in the historic Old Mill building, he honed his skills in oil painting. Later, he pursued a BFA at Parsons School of Design, supplementing his education with life drawing classes at the Arts Students League in Manhattan. Among his influential mentors was Herman Rose, whose work was featured alongside luminaries like Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock in the 1952 Museum of Modern Art exhibition, “15 Americans.”

Paul was the President of the Westfield Art Association and a past member of Jersey City Pro Arts