This recent body of work, The Road We all Share, is an inquiry of how you navigate life. It is inspired by current events and the struggles we all have in common.

The black and white triangles in my work represent the self, male/female side, people and shadow/light. They represent the duality that exists in life, keeping us separate and feeling isolated, constantly being pulled, kept from being whole, separated by choices, roads and obstacles that life presents.

The black circles represent the obstacles, beliefs, thoughts, opinions, and prejudices that somehow shape and nudge us down roads we might not have taken or keeping us from the ones we should.

Color suggests mood, feelings, temperament, environment, surroundings; the tangible and intangible.While the black lines in my work represent the strings, the threads, and the roads that connect, bind, pull, stretch, wring, mold, encourage, challenge, and sometimes overwhelm us to BREAK THROUGH!