Kristen Martin-Aarnio is a visual artist living and working in Bayonne, New Jersey. Her work includes mixed media pieces, sculpture, painting, installation, performance, and street art. Some of her work has been shown at the Plaxall Gallery, New Hope Arts, and Queens Museum on Art. She studied and earned degrees at Greenfield Community College and the School of Visual Arts.


For my work, I use a lot of different materials like toothpicks, feathers, paint, yarn, fabric, etc. I view art-making as a journey. Along this journey, I get lost while using materials. Being lost doesn’t have to be considered a bad connotation. Sometimes I will have a concrete idea in mind, but the colors and materials can take me elsewhere. Some of my work references nature, birds, destruction, environmental collapse, etc. I combine these references in unique ways that doesn’t need to make sense. It is supposed to give you a feeling.