From early childhood on, my parents instilled in me a love for science and mathematics, music, and art. My story began decades ago. It is about my passion to understand structures and patterns in the seen and invisible world. The insights I have gained underlie the framework for the body of my work.

My creative works bear a relation to the natural world and the mathematical patterns and structures found in natural forms. Look, listen… nature is a polyphonic symphony of rhythms, patterns, color, and sounds. My educational background has provided me with a creative dialogue that focuses on the interconnectedness between mathematics, science, and art.

As an artist, I aim to bridge the disciplines of art and mathematics and metaphorically represent the concepts to create the art. My doctoral work was in interdisciplinary studies.


“My passion is to understand patterns in the seen and invisible world. They are the foundation of the universe. I have chosen to use geometry as my language. It is clear and universal. It communicates what is known and what still lies ahead. Color is an important component of my work. It allows me to visually structure dimensional space. A line is a series of points moving in space. It represents transition and change as an expression of nature and the universe. I am fascinated by the relationship between mathematics and art and have tried to Metaphorically bridge the disciplines in my creative work. My work is in the collection of major museums and universities internationally.”