Guillermo Bublik grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He recently relocated to Jersey City after living in Chicago for 32 years.

Trained as a physicist, he started painting after retiring from a career in mathematical finance. He believes that images are a common thread to both science and the visual arts and that beauty is found not only in paintings but in equations as well. He views himself mainly as an abstract expressionist and works with Mixed Media on paper, canvas, and wood. He is inspired by the works and the energy of the key figures of mid-century American painting but feels strongly influenced by many sculptors as well, with the towering shadow of Alberto Giacometti playing a key role.

He has exhibited in group shows in Chicago and Kansas City and is slated to have a solo show in Buenos Aires once COVID restrictions are lifted. His works are in private collections in Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Buenos Aires.


I started to paint after retiring from a career built of equations. While describing real-life processes with mathematics tickled my mind, creating art from a blank surface tickles my whole being.

The process of painting itself is what fires my imagination. I believe that the hand expressing subconscious feelings and the rational mind designing a work of art thrive when they are a single step out of sync. When the latter is way ahead of the former the painting is often stilted and lacks life. When the former is far in the lead the result is usually utter confusion.

I enjoy creating room for the unexpected, to give the materials the possibility to interact in random ways. This controlled chaos forces me to improvise, to stretch my imagination and techniques in order to incorporate the results of these interactions into the overall work. In my opinion, this leads to paintings that are alive, full of energy and the capacity to fuel the viewers’ imagination.