Deb Sinha is New Jersey, United States, based contemporary realist painter.

Deb is fascinated by the beauty in the mundane and curious to see interesting in monotonous and those are subjects he enjoys painting most.
Deb is a self-taught artist. He works primarily as an oil painter and he is known for his cityscapes both pleinair and studio paintings.

Deb also enjoys painting modern still life and narrative-based figurative art. With an eye on how light, shadows, color temperature, and composition forms the fundamental elements of the scene and support the storytelling. He attempts to take a minimalistic approach in his work and blends representation with impressionistic aesthetics. This juxtaposition creates paintings that are poised between observational realism and abstractions.

Even though he loves to paint a wide range of genres: cityscapes, still-lifes, figurative, and from realistic to abstract, his style and personal voice can be seen in them creating unified storytelling.

Deb lives in Jersey City and works out of his 150 Bay studio space 2nd floor in jersey city.