Curated by Kerry Kolenut

This call for art will be Pro Arts first online juried exhibition. The start of this new decade, has plunged us into what once seemed unimaginable, forever changing the way we think about ourselves, the world and how we occupy it. We have been forced to think, act and interact in new and different ways. Hopefully all are safe in their spaces, and can find some creativity and ideas that reflect upon these times, find ways to examine the impact on the world, country, environment, people, and ourselves. Work submitted must be made in 2020 and can be in any medium, including digital, video, and sound. Experimentation is greatly encouraged. The exhibition will be a curated selection from works submitted. The exhibition may have the chance to become a physical show that will move to the Rotunda Gallery at Jersey City City Hall in June, depending on the Coronavirus situation at that time. Video and sound work may not be able to move.

afloat artists
Howard Berelson
Miriam Bisceglia
Sunny Chapman
Dorie Dahlberg
Peter Delman
Jim Fallon
Paul Federico
Hao Feng
Eileen Ferara
Jodie Fink
Jim Fischer
Bennett Gewirtz
Trish Classe Gianakis
Suzan Globus
Allan Gorman
Cheryl Gross
Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern
Megan Klim
Robert Kosinski
Stephen Krasner
Charles Lane
Terry Lively
Juliet Martin
Rajendra Mehta
Charlann Meluso
Jake Miller
Alpana Mittal “Tejaswini”
Patricia Mulligan
Harold Olejarz
Jean-Paul Picard
Carol Quint
Philip A. Robinson Jr.
Vincent Salvati
Gale Sasson
Francisco Silva
Joel Simpson
Bryant Small
Brad Terhune
Mollie Thonneson
Alan Walker aka Buzz Baby Jesus
Bill Zbylut

Submission Guidelines :
Medium: Any medium is accepted, including digital, video, and sound. Keep in mind that the exhibition will be online, so the submitted image will be the final work. There is a chance that the it may be displayed at Rotunda Gallery in June, which would include the physical work, keep in mind that video and sound work may not be able to be displayed in this location. Details for the possible June show will be given closer to the event.

Number of images: Maximum 3 jpg images
File requirements:
Size: 150dpi, maximum 1200px on the widest side
File Names : Name files as follows:
Example: Mouse_Mickey”Welcome to My House”_Oil on Canvas_30x40”.jpg

Attached Word Doc or PDF:
Name the document LastName_FirstName_Statement
On a single page provide:
1) Name, phone number, website, Facebook, Instagram handle
2) a brief bio
3) an artist’s statement that explains how your work fits with the theme of the show
4) a contents list of your submissions in the following format:
Artist Name
Medium & Dimension
Price or NFS
ex: Mickey Mouse
“Welcome to My House”
Oil on Canvas 30×40”

Email submissions to
Subject Line: afloat–YourLastName”


Please contact Kerry at with any questions.

*Non members can pay the submission fee through the DONATE button at In PayPal make a note that the money is for the afloat show.
NOTE: Your submission fee will be rolled over to an annual Pro Arts membership due if and when you submit your membership application.