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Jersey City Artists Studio Tour 2013 Highlights

The 23rd Jersey City Artists Studio Tour was one of the most anticipated cultural events in Jersey City. Hundreds of local artists participated in the Studio Tour, showcasing their work in mediums that spanned from visual artwork to performance pieces. Jersey City artists utilize the Studio Tour to introduce their body of work to the community, as thousands of visitors will tour private studios, community spaces, galleries, businesses and pop-up shops in support of the arts.
The Studio Tour creates collaborative opportunities for area businesses, arts organizations, and galleries to partner with artists in presenting their work to the public. Visitors are introduced to their local arts community in a supportive environment that encourages dialogue and interaction.
Pro Arts Jersey City, one of the driving forces behind this crucial piece of cultural programming, is an active supporter of the arts and has advocated for professional visual artists since its inception in 1994. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer organization comprised of a working board of professional artists and a general membership of approximately one hundred. Our mission is to incorporate the arts into the fabric of city life with programs that stimulate, entertain and educate the general public while encouraging artistic excellence. Our signature event, the Studio Tour, serves to achieve this mission. Read more: