Pam Cooper

I create art of handmade abaca paper including: sculpture, prints, installations and book arts.  Social comment being the overall theme addressed in my work.

The work references childhood and the home using xerox transfer prints of my drawings based on old family photos, old sewing pattern images, and domestic details. The images seem to be of bygone era but the issues addressed are extremely relevant today. I incorporate domestic items such as pins, thread, hangers, buttons, scissors and needles.

My current body of work comprises of three dimensional paper sculptures. Suspended paper houses and wall hung row houses with images of children trapped inside. To see them you have to peep through the windows.  These houses confine the children in a claustrophobic interior and were created in response to the meteoric rise in social networking where children became vulnerable to predators in their own homes.

I also create installations within small rooms such as  ‘the playground’ also in closet spaces and small boxes.

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