Candy Le Sueur

Candy Le Sueur
Candy is known for her expressive contemporary landscapes.
The Jersey City Museum, Drawing Rooms, National Academy, Affordable Art Fair, Art Hamptons and the Russell Collection in Austin, among other venues, have exhibited her paintings, monotypes, and encaustics.

Artist Statement:
I start with imagery from the natural world and let this take me on a journey. I use oil paints and monotypes to present my feelings about land, sea and sky. I am inspired by the concept of making images not specific to a time or place. My paintings are spontaneous expression of a time honored subject. My style is influenced by the gestural brushstroke of Abstract Expressionism but the subject matter shows an affinity to Romanticism, where nature was the primary source of inspiration.

  • weekend-712-x15-inches-monotype-on-paper
  • weekend-6-12-x15-inches-monotype-on-paper
  • weekend-512-x15-inches-monotype-on-paper
  • weekend-312-x-15-inches-monotype-on-paper
  • weekend-212-x15-inches-monotype-on-paper
  • weekend-112-x15-inches-monotype-on-paper