The process of making collages is one that has hounded me for many years. Forever seeking out new materials to work with leads to changes in style and subject. I treat the process much as I would painting: as I add shape and color, images and meanings emerge. Recently, politics and social justice seem to be dominant subject matter.

During the practice of making images over the last few years, a few important realizations have revealed themselves. The exploration of abstraction is a dialog that forces me to consider how and why the image develops. My concern lies with the surface of the painting, without the illusion of space beyond these two dimensions. Therefore, these paintings are ‘about’ exactly what you see.

But paintings grow and develop through process, so their meaning must start there.  I am drawn to working with simple geometric shapes, careful to not plan too far into the future. The use of acrylic, sometimes coupled with drawing materials and collage, allows me to work swiftly or slowly. The process- layering, mixing, removing, editing- dictates what the finished image will look like.