Andrea Epstein


Monoprints: Explorations in Printmaking”I work out of an abstract expressionist tradition. I have always tended toward abstraction because I have always preferred to embark on the creative process without any preconceived notions about the outcome. I am seeking a journey into uncharted territory. This journey allows for a certain amount of texture and mark making to happen on the surface of the picture plane. The work evolves into a complex arrangement of shapes, forms, textures and colors, through a layering process. I layer transparent and opaque forms, shapes and calligraphic marks that go in and out of focus, creating an ambiguous space. My aim is to create an image that reveals itself slowly over time as opposed to being accessible all at once.

Collage has been an important part of my work for a long time now. Sometimes there are actual collaged elements in my paintings and prints, but mostly it is a collage aesthetic that I choose to employ. I combine a variety of different printing processes to create my monoprints and serigraphs. I utilize relief printing techniques such as collographs and linocuts. I use planographic techniques such as screen prints and computer generated printed images. I also paint and draw on plexiglass and combine monoprinting with the other printing processes to achieve different ways of incorporating the collographs and serigraphs with drawing and painting. I can achieve a variety of textures and colors in both serigraphy and monoprinting that I could not in painting alone. I also really enjoy doing multiples because I can create one image and take it through many permutations while still retaining a record of the process.

My artistic training includes a B.F.A. in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design, and an M.F.A. in painting from the Yale School of Art. All the works in this exhibit are one of a kind multimedia monoprints and are available to purchase. Please contact me directly thru my website, email or phone to inquire about purchasing any of the artwork on display.

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