Hannah Bouchard is a mixed-media artist in the greater New York City area exploring her interest in large scale painting. She approaches art with a fresh look and tries to challenge traditional approaches to oil painting, engaging various techniques, media and subject matter. Hannah’s art surrounds mental health, women empowerment, and making the difficult, beautiful. She is a graduate of Drew University and currently an MA student at New Jersey City University.


The things that cause us shame tend to teach us the most. By trying to make the frightening, beautiful, I’m not taking away the fact that issues of mental health are painful, but rather trying to empower these feelings and show how much they can transform us. These experiences transform me as much as they do my paintings.

Through my therapy sessions and other conversations with powerful women, I am given endless ideas that express how complicated yet beautiful the human experience is, especially for those who undergo both direct and subtle discrimination far too often. Not only do my friends model for the pieces, but they often inspire the concepts as well.

By using both rendered and abstract elements, I am working to create multiple layers that on one hand read as interior spaces, but can also be broken up into many planes. This is essential to advance the narrative that these are invented spaces, and sometimes break down and begin again. With figures that are typically more rendered in mystical places, I use both oil and acrylic to play with how far back the eye can go. My work is meant to be a microphone for the experiences I see and feel. I think that using art as a channel for these voices is the best possible reason to be an artist.