Tracy Mistichelli started painting as a hobby. During the past ten years, she has been exploring still life, landscape, and abstraction in both oil and acrylic. Her paintings manifest an authenticity that can only come from someone willing to maintain an open mind and paint outside of the box. Tracy is a New Jersey native, now based in Hunterdon County, where she resides with her husband and pitfalls.


Over the ten years that I have studied art, my painting style has grown from naive to spontaneous and somewhat grungy. Seascapes and landscapes influence my abstract compositions. My current work emphasizes texture, mainly by layering paint. When I first face a blank canvas, my emotions dictate color choices, subject matter, and surface size. I often use my old work as an underpainting. I use paint sticks and gobs of oil paint to build up the canvas. Through this process, images appear and speak to me. I follow their lead to take off, explore and land somewhere unexpected.