The mixed media pieces in my current series are made using monoprints and or paintings on paper cut into shapes and mounted on paper, then embellished with paint. Some pieces are layered with drawing and/or writing as well.

My work is strongly influenced by mystical practices such as Sufism and Alchemy. From these practices, the themes of my artwork surface- doorways as portals to other universes, mysterious languages, circles representing the whirling of the dervish and of the universe and birds being the link between heaven and earth, and between the past and the present.

I was a jewelry designer for 25 years, starting as an artisan jeweler selling at craft shows, art galleries and museum shops, then moving into the fashion world and selling at Barneys, Saks, etc. Having to interpret different ideas and create five new lines of jewelry a year was good training for the varied way I work, from intricate line drawings to pieces with large simple geometric shapes and bold colors.