Robert has been a part of the metro New York/New Jersey art scene since the mid 1990s.  He studied painting at the Art Students League and The National Academy of Design in NYC. He has exhibited work in Pro Arts projects and exhibitions, JCAST, and Windows on Columbus, as well as projects at Victory Hall in cooperation with Jersey City Museum.  He has also shown work in exhibition venues and galleries throughout the NY/NJ metro area and beyond – most recently at the 150 Gallery Jersey City, Watchung Arts Center, Clifton Arts Center, and Aferro Gallery, Newark, NJ.

For an aging artist like me, creating art can be problematic, especially when physical difficulties complicate everything affecting daily life.  The series of digital art and digital still life images represent my most recent work that results from an ongoing visual impairment from an earlier illness.  My inability to coordinate hand eye movements has adversely affected my drawing and painting activities.  Thus, I turned to digital media – the digital camera, computer, software, and inkjet printer.  The digital art series images were produced – created, modified, and printed – using a computer and software. The still life series includes intimate images of my artist tools used for painting (loss and longing), empty prescription drug bottles of medications I take for chronic medical problems (relief and escape), and household tools.