Rita Klachkin is an artist, whose “day job” is in behavioral healthcare. She has a history of working with such materials as paint, both oil, acrylic, and encaustic. In addition, printmaking an more increasingly in sculptural three-dimensional forms. She has exhibited both nationally in New Jersey, New England, and California, and internationally in Canada.


I work in a variety of materials, ranging from oil, acrylic, collage, and plaster, incorporating fabrics, printmaking, and photography. My goal is to explore layering and breaking boundaries, the folds and the creases, (both three-dimensionally using fabric and other materials, and drawing/painting, and being comfortable, with the visceral handmade process that involves the forms in my work. I hope to see the beauty in the uneven, raw, lumpy, unmistakably handmade, and untethered that is holding it together by a literal and figurative string, at times.