Doodlehedz creates doodle_dripz with some ink in an eyedropper, handmade paper & watercolor blips, sometimes she adds words from a magazine she clipped. Born in NYC, loved art since she was a kid, her grandparents took her to museums to make sure that she did, but it was the art of the streets on the trains & the walls from Basquiat to Keith Haring, Seen, Dondi and them all, Doodlehedz loved the energy outside, and the fact her art was free for everyone who passed by, because in a moment or two she could bring a smile to someone’s life. Especially since Doodlehedz is completely self taught, she refined her craft making friends in the NYC/NJ street-art community like @J131, @SacSix, @KloArt & @rysq from the start, and good things flowed like pasting up at the flagship Adidas store in NYC since art from the heart is exactly how it should be.


My doodle_dripz are 100% 1 of 1 every single time, no two are ever the same, and focus on the fact that no two people see them the same way. The goal is to use the bold black outline along with splashes of color and a word or two to spark some joy, tap into an emotion or spark a memory for someone. The rough of edges of the handmade Khadi paper adds to the artwork’s individuality and messaging that it’s ok to be different and a little rough around the edges and not perfectly linear every single time. My work shows the influence and freedom of 1980’s graffiti and street art as well as finer art skills when working with the watercolor medium. Each doodle_dripz takes on their own persona & becomes a member of my family and then someone else’s. Sometimes it’s honestly been hard to sell them. It has become an “Adopting A Dripz” story between me and whomever takes them from my home to theirs.
randi lauren klein photography