The goal of Quinn’s artistic practice is to create an all-over experience for the viewer, where they are immersed and enveloped in “Quinn’s World,” the imaginary world in his head filled with various emotions, characters, experiences, and personalities. Marston’s greatest influences are Keith Haring and graffiti art because they similarly create larger-than-life worlds comprised of imaginary characters that viewers can become enveloped in and step into as a way to capture the wide range of human expression and emotion. Each character in Quinn Marston’s “Character Series” expresses a unique, individual emotion and personality, and the characters come together to symbolize the interwoven dance of human interaction.


My goal as an artist is to immerse the viewer in the imaginary world of my head. My large-scale, near wall-sized, paintings convey a wide range of expressions of human emotion and personality through fanciful, cartoon-like animals and characters. I like to use playful, dream-like imagery to try and express the fluidity and non-linear nature of human consciousness and perception. Growing up I was inspired by the work of Keith Haring, by graffiti artists, and by cartoons. People say that my characters are quirky and I like that each character expresses an individual emotion and personality.